Friday, August 27, 2010

Black-and-red Broadbill (Cymbirhynchus macrochynchus)

I don't remember sighting a single BRBB in Panti in 2009. But in June and July this year, they appeared suddenly out of nowhere and started to build nests frantically around the Green Tower.

Generally they are quite shy and they always seemed constantly on the look out for imminent danger. Hence, if you rush to set up your gear in front of them upon sighting would most likely to scare them away with no show for 1-2hours..

These brightly-coloured birds can be friendly and perch low (around 6-8' ) and close (10 to 15') as long as they are given sufficient time to be comfortable with you. I usually hang around near them for 20-30min without direct eye contact before snapping at them.

Many have asked me the trick of having 2 of them perched together, I guess the only explanation is I was shooting alone, camou cloth over my head and the surrounding was really quiet that day. They do always perch close together as far as my observations are concerned.

The high iso capability of D3s enabled me to shoot these BIF shots early in the morning at iso6400 1/800s to 1/1000s. Imgs were superimposed as you could easily tell in the different building material it carried. :)

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