Friday, April 29, 2011

Changeable Hawk Eagle - Final Episode!

I was busy with some family matters in the last few weeks and a friend called me up and asked "So how was the shoot of the Royal Wedding in London"! Nah, he was being sarcastic and before i could explain he screamed on top of his voice "I want the pics of the CHE's chick NOW!" LOL!

OK, I didn't get the fledging shots because access to the plantation was closed due to laying of the tarmac for two weeks! The chick finally fledged on the 15th, which means 67days since it was born. It had stayed around the plantation for three days before it flew off to somewhere else, according to the owner, who was able to access his plantation via a dirt road only passable with hardcore 4WD vehicle. I should have bought a Land Rover for birding! :(

And these were shot earlier when i decided to get some close up shots with my Panasonic LX5 PnS camera. 

 "WOW! Southerwings is here!!!"

 " OMG! Comon in, I wanted to hear all about you!!

 "Have a seat here and let me get you some icy lizard juice"

 "Now where did mom hide the blender and delicious lizard again?"

 "But but I am Black, I looked like a white that is all..."

'Paul , you don't believe in me, do you?"

OK, back to London for the Royal Wedding and will post more soon....


  1. Wow Paul, the whole set with the previous messages included, is just plain awesome.... But that one man, with the caption, that's a splendid one... What an experience you got and how thrilled you must have been.... Excellent mate!

  2. The 1st shot is a killer
    that was with digiscope?

  3. Paul, I am so glad that I waited for you to make a new entry and what a splash of greatness each of thes brilliant images and your writings beneath convey. Splendid work. This bird is amazing!!!

  4. Paul, what a delicious offering you gave us! Love every shots here! is this really the final episode?

  5. Thanks Chris!

    > Tabib, all were shot with Panasonic LX5 PnS.

    >Mary, I am glad you like them, and see my reply below... :)

    >Ari, somehow I knew you would tickle becuase of the banner's pic! Promise not to peep in my HD, will post "Final Episode - The End, Darth Vader Series." soon! :))

  6. wow...good follow thru, there should be more coming eh?

  7. Great shots you got there Paul.