Sunday, July 3, 2011

Time is running out.....

The Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher is almost like the Ambassador of Tourism for Panti, bringing hundreds of photographers weekly, some from as far as the northern states of malaysia. Many unfamiliar faces, and for those that I know, i tease them with - "Just make sure your lizard is longer then mine this year!" 

Wonder why i posted little thumbnails abv for the two lovely Pantiwood's stars, both with FIM? 

(Ahem..).....because that is the only perch where two are always seen close together, so now you know you have to find that tree yourself, challenging! And time is running out!

Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher (Ceyx erithacus)
Pekaka Api *  棕背三趾翠鸟 * セアカミツユビカワセミ นกกระเต็นน้อยหลังแดง
Martin-pêcheur à dos roux * rybárik hrdzavochrbtýКрошечный лесной зимородок
Rotrückenfischer * Rødrygget Isfugl

OK Left to right, Ah wong, Ah Tan, Ah Chew, Ah Soong, Ah ...ah .....hachee! 
lets do it again,with the easier way, 7 blue shirts, 2 green shirts, 1 light brown...

I will be re-do'ing my lizard shots soon because I need both their eyes open and hopefully look straight into my camera, maybe with its tongue sticking out! Sound cruel so sorry lizards! And weather doesn't look good this week, it always rain for hours in the afternoon, has been so for the last two week in Panti.

A Rufous woodpecker came landed not far from me when i was shooting the ODKFs, it was probably seeking my 'protection ' as it was attacked by two Checkered-throated Woodies what seemed like un resolved territorial disputes.

Rufous Woodpecker (Celeus brachyurus)
Belatok Biji Nangka *  栗啄木鳥 *  クリチャゲラนกหัวขวานสีตาล
Pic brun *  vlikác krátkochvostýРыжий дятел *
Rustfarvet Spætte * Ameisenspecht * Carpintero Rufo

Motionlessly clinging on a trunk for quite a few minutes, eye-balling at the attackers away from my angle and i have to start talking to bird again 'You are safe here, now look here, look here!", it's hakka, in case you want to know the language i speak to birds!

AKAN DATANG! Coming soon.....

A 'surprise' visitor from the North paid me a visit,......., and I almost fainted upon seeing 'his' fluro orange leech socks. :))))