Sunday, March 13, 2011

Spotted Wood Owl

Gunung Pulai

Spotted Wood Owl (Strix seloputo)
Burung Hantu Berbintik * 点斑林鸮マレアモリフクロウHù phương đông
Chouette des pagodessova pagodováПагодная неясытьนกเค้าป่าหลังจุด

Six months of endless pursuit, my wish of getting a close up shot of the Spotted Wood Owl in Gunung Pulai was granted finally, in a very unusual way. It crashed into a tree not far from where I was trying to get some flight shots of a woodpecker! 

And glad that the Owl finally took off safely 2hours later without serious injury, and surely wish to see her again soon, without the crash I hope!


So I failed again in getting the flight shot of the Common Flameback! But who is complaining! :)))


  1. Wow how cute this owl is too.... It is really beautiful! Well done Paul and for the pictures of the fight, you might get it another day ;-)

  2. I like the eye contact shot! Cool!

    Kah Wai

  3. nice close up, can you call that as dream come true : )

  4. very nice capture. Is the tree OK after knocked by this fella?

  5. Ben, the "Ough!" was by the tree! :)

  6. You are really lucky. when I visited g.Pulai earlier this year, it was QUIET. Only photographed butterflies there.

  7. i own that bird . u can callme if u want to see it bye ur shoulder