Monday, March 14, 2011

Two More Stars are out!

Panti - 12th March 2011

The Frogmouth's sudden appearance 2 weeks ago must be the cause for the significant increase of visitors to Panti recently. But it looks like more will come soon as two more Stars of Panti have emerged, the Rufous-collared Kingfisher and the Black-backed Kingfisher! Both are highly sought after by bird watchers and photographers around the region.

The Rufous-collared Kingfishers occur in many spots in Panti and they are not too difficult to find between March and August, as their calls can be heard frequently. Two pairs were sighted around the car park's vicinity on my arrival and I soon forgot the Frogmouth that perched tamely nearby.

While most male birds look prettier than the female, the RCKF is the other way round. The pale green and light yellow dotted spots on the female's back make her much more attractive to the photographers than the male. And similar to last year's observation, the female tends to perch lower than the male. So like the Banded Kingfisher, when you see a female at low perch always look out for the male on top


Rufous-collared Kingfisher (Actenoides concretus)
Pekaka Rimba Besar * アオヒゲショウビン
Martin-chasseur trapurybárikovec zelenohlavýМалайская альционаนกกะเต็นสร้อยคอสีน้ำตาล


The Black-backed Kingfisher, as commonly known as the Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher now, is one species rarely seen compares to its cousin, the Rufous-backed Kingfisher, so let alone taking its photograph. 

But I was indeed lucky this time as my friend Mr Ong had shown me the bird which he snapped a few sec earlier was still within sight, and after a 100m hot pursuit in the forest without leech socks again, managed to get one decent shot. 

Another 5 leeches (besides the 8 I got for the RCKFs earlier) on my feet literally turned my white Nike socks into Ferrari Red, but it was worth it as I have only seen the Black-backed Kingfisher 4 times over the last two years in Panti.

And I have to admit, the Black-backed Kingfisher is the most beautiful bird in Panti, for me least!

Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher (Ceyx erithacus)
Pekaka Api * 三趾翠鳥ミツユビカワセミBồng chanh đỏ
Martin-pêcheur pourpré rybárik džunglovýТрёхпалый лесной зимородокนกกระเต็นน้อยหลังดำ

I met up some friends later at the Tower and an over-fed Crimson-breasted Flowerpecker that perched still for 30mins gave us much photography joy. It was seen earlier feeding frenziedly on a fruiting tree next to us.

Crimson-breasted Flowerpecker (Prionochilus percussus)
Sepah Puteri Pelangi * ムネアカハナドリモドキ
Dicée poignardébobuliar modrochrbtýПерсидский цветососนกกาฝากอกสีเลือดหมู

all guns were at the Crimson-breasted flowerpecker!

The Frogmouth was easily sighted near the same location again and provided much excitement to those who see and shoot the very first time. And you would grin like us when your hear its call, an eerie, ghost-like scream simply gives us uncontrollable laughter every time.

Javan Frogmouth, female

Raffle's Malkoha, female

Red-naped Trogon, female

And just in case someone (the same guy actually) ask "Where is the male Red-naped Trogon that you always say easily find?", See pic below which I took behind the satisfied couple, whom later bought me sumptuous dinner! 

Take a closer look at her camera's LCD screen! Fullframe I think! :)))


  1. Excellent capture.
    Love them all, especially those KFs that meke me crazy for them now.

  2. Wow wow wow!!! Fortunately I was seating when I saw your post... Gosh these birds are gorgeous and you got magnificent pictures of them!!! Congrats!

  3. Great shots Paul. The OD Kingf and the Frogmouth look very tempting, Panti is definitely on my top list of places to visit.

  4. Paul, how come you always hide your pets when we visit you? Blackback was not seen at the regular place in SG this season but most of us here already have a few terabytes of it. I would love to see the ruffous collared KF again, They are just as beautiful.

    BTW, if Froggie's family are seen, please pm me. I missed them last year.

  5. Very nice Paul ! I want the RCKF pair too !!! :p
    and the RNT... You promised us so many times but haven't delivered yet leh... :)
    when ah?

  6. Hi Paul,
    interesting blog with superb images...well done...

    feel free to visit my newly created birding

    my flickr link

    thanks & rgds

    tank aka sulaiman

  7. The images of RCKF are very good!