Sunday, February 6, 2011

Landslide in Bkt Tinggi 6th Feb 2011

Just a quick update, the landslide only occurred at the few parking lot right before the bus stop, 50m before the souvenir shop of Bkt Tinggi.

So the landslide is quite minimal, not as bad as I was told earlier. 

Tea Garden, Tea House and Nursery are all fine but do take note that the management might close the access to the peak once the restoration work stark after the CNY.

Vehicle will not be allowed to access the peak, but you can still park at the visitors carpark and walk up with your equipment.

Will post pics of birds tomorrow zzzz............zzzz.......zzz

Once you get to the peak, its business as usua!! :)


  1. very very scary. a week before the slide we were there parked by that fateful CP!

  2. Wow that's still very impressive and quite scary as Jeff said!