Friday, September 3, 2010

Banded Kingfisher (Lacedo pulchella), female

Panti 3rd Sept 2010

The trip to Panti today caught me by big surprise! A femake BKF landed just 5 feet in front of me out of nowhere. The back light was strong and I couldn't see its ID probably, so I moved forward to take a closer look and almost fainted in disbelief!

BKFs are much sought after by birding photographers for its rarity and beauties, this particular Kingfisher often perch high, 30-50', its calls are often heard along the bunker trail and Temple trail of Panti but they are seldom seen.

I have only seen the female once before, and numerous record shots of the male that perched slightly lower than the Petronas Tower!

Pekaka Rimba * 横斑翠鸟*カザリショウビン*Sả vằn

Pic was taken with D3s 500mmVR F4 TC1.4 ISO2000 F9 1/40s No Flash and MLU.