Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Moustached Babbler (Malacopteron magnirostre)

Rimba Bermisai * 须树鹛 * ヒゲチャイロチメドリ

Babblers have always been my favorite subjects to photograph in Panti Bird Sanctuary. They are very challenging to shoot because their sizes are small, usually very active and the worst nightmares of all, their natural habitats are usually in the area of shaded undergrowths.

Hence early recognition of its ID is important for birding photographers as calls playing seemed to be the only way to ensure that they would stay longer enough for you to capture a decent image. I still have a difficult task of indentifying them on sighting due to my limited knowledge and experience in birds species, especially the babblers. They all looked alike to me most of the times!

This is one babbler that I will never forget, for its lead to my accidental sighting of the Banded Kingfisher and the Diard’s Trogon later, which I have posted earlier

Only managed to fire 5 shots, the rest were all blur beyond recognition! :)

Pic taken with D3s 500mmVR F4 TCC1.4 @ f/8 1/50s ISO 5000 no flash

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  1. Babblers are hard to get good photo of, it is an achievement that you managed to get it on clean perch.