Friday, September 10, 2010

Black-shouldered Kite (Elanus caeruleus)

Helang Tikus*黑翅トビDiều hâu
The BSKs are common around Johor rural area where their main sources of food, rodents, are abundant. So it is no surprise that they are called Helang Tikus locally (tikus is rat in Malay language). They can be seen all year round and often in pair.
But the best spot to photograph them is probably in the paddy fields of Sungei Balang* where they perch low and clean. Farmers do like them as they help to keep the population of rodents in check. The farmers also build poles with t-bar close to the paddy fields to actually help the BSKs perch close to the hunting ground.
In my hometown of Kulai, they are frequently seen hovering around the compound of Foon Yew Secondary School in Indahpura, and feeding at the high fencing of the driving range in Indahpura Sport Centre.

( Indapura driving range )

Both pics were taken with D300 500mm VR F4 TC1.4