Thursday, October 21, 2010

Kg Langsat :: 20th Oct 2010

Coppersmith Barbet (Megalaima haemacephala)
Takur Akar * 赤胸拟啄木鸟ムネアカゴシキドリCu rốc cổ đỏ

My 2nd visit to Kg Langsat yesterday got me the opportunity to photograph the Coppersmith Barbets finally, a species that has long being in my wanted list. I have seen them many times in the rural area, but often without my gear. This pair arrived as i was setting my gear up for the hornbills at the Jetty.....

Weather was hazy and the hornbills did not arrive as speculated, so instead of waiting  i went hunting for them. Kg Langsat is a very small village indeed, from start to end is less than 2km with houses along the sides. So in 30mins i have already made 6 return trips. The folks here are friendly,  always eager to assist and just yesterday some of them already called me by my name and asked if i have got what i wanted -  portraiture of the hornbills! 

An hour later I spotted 2 perching quietly and low near the beach, unfortunately 6 wandering dogs stopped me from getting nearer to them. Folks were telling me those barking dogs never bite! But i treasure my flesh,  so i waited , hoping those dogs would leave before the hornbills.

A young lady stopped her scooter hurriedly and said " Unlce Poh, follow me, follow me, quick quick!", Before i could ask why and what, she has already gone far, signaling me to follow. 

And by the time I reached, 8 Oriental Pied Hornbills were roosting on  a tree silently!

The hornbills all seemed to be in some kind of ritual, perching quietly tilting their head up slightly, giving me the  feeling that they were doing some kind of secret communication with their extra terrestrial counterparts. 

Before noon, I have already got what I wanted, and back to the Jetty for food and a cup of hot Nescafe before going home.

( RM6.50, you get mee-bandung with 4 medium-sized prawns, its 
strong prawn paste sauce may not be everyone's liking though)

 (fisherman's son, was just "jalan-jalan" when i asked what he was looking for)

( the cat at the Tomyam Seafood Restaurant.)

( OK, if you go Kg Langsat for the first time, the moment you see 4 goats on your left, turn right is to Jetty! :) )


  1. Nice shot.The mee-bandung look good

  2. Lovely in flight hornbill.
    Got any Langsat fruits there? ;)

  3. Tabib, no so sure, lots of durian and rambutan trees though!:)