Friday, October 8, 2010

Permas Jaya

Rather an unknown location for birders in the south, but if you are looking to shoot some wild ducks and terns, this is almost a perfect location without having to travel far, besides, the famous nasi-lemak of Senibong is just mins away!

Located at Permas Jaya on route to Plentong, these 4 fenced-up sewage ponds are the perfect feeding ground for both local and some wintering species. I have been checking on this area weekly since 3months ago after sighting about 12 terns. And much to my delights, BC Night Heron Storkbilled Kf, WT KF, Little Ergret, Painted Storks, and Sandpipers were ocassionally seen here too

Little Tern ( sterna albifrons )
Camar Kecil * 白额燕鸥 * コアジサシ * Nhàn nhỏ

( The Terns, now about 50 of them, are constantly hovering, skimming over the ponds and dive in for food at rather close range. )

The best time to shoot is presumably early in the morning before the Sun rises and after 4pm, which is my frequent weekly visits.

The Wandering Ducks are shy though, often the moment you step into the pavement they would flee into the adjacent thick foliage, just stay put and give them some times, and they would appear slowly, cautiously maintain a 20m distance from you.

Wandering Whistling Duck (Dendrocygna arcuata)
斑胸树鸭 * オオリュウキュウガモ

( the monitor lizard, eyeing on the deliciously looking ducks.....)

( taken form the perimeterial concrete pavement, the ducks will always rest at the semi-submersed pipe if you are too close, dist abt 20,)

( The Black-crowned is always seen at the upper pond, Watch out for Stock-billed Kingfisher at the same area too )

Black-crowned Night-heron (Nycticorax nycticorax)
Pucung Kuak * 夜鷺 * セグロゴイ * Vạc

( Steve Yap, trying to get a eye-level shot of a giant man-eating croc!)

( the road shown abv, left is to Permas Jaya and right is to Plentong)

( there re 4 ponds, these two lower ponds have more species, compared to other two at the high ground to the left of the low cost housing )


  1. Fabulous in flight shots of the terns.You captured the colours of the ducks beautifully. Great shots

  2. Thanks MB! I hope I can get closer to the ducks soon! :)

  3. Nice shots of the terns Paul. Over here Little Terns Sterna alibifrons are birds of coast and estuaries