Monday, November 29, 2010

Black Kite

 Sg Balang Jan 2010.

i am still 'grounded' by the recent wet weather, So recently i ran thru my raw files taken in Sg Balang and was surprised that many imgs were not processed yet, so i guess must well spend the time to practice them on photoshop and Capture NX rather than shooting birds in the rain!

These were taken with D300s and the Black Kites were on the ground because of  the menacing White-bellied Sea-eagles hovering in the air, taking control of the airspace's rights from them. 

As i have mentioned in my previous posts, the Black Kites rule the sky in Sg Balang, only in the absence of White-bellied Sea-eagles. 

So thanks to the WBSEs, i was given the opportunity to shoot the BKs in close range.

   "Better be safe on the ground than being pecked in the air!"

   "Oops! Another WBSE is still up there.."

   "Hey you! Stop taking my pic! Can't u see i am stuck here whole morning! GGrrrr....."

   "Ya.....hoo......., the WBSEs are gone! "

   "Here i come!"

   "Get out of my way you little butt..butterfly! 

   "hmmmm, now lets see what is for lunch..."

   "Hey, that fat toad is mine!"

   "Haha! Got you!"

   The toad,"Hey, stop tickling me, stop that!"

So, another toad gone missing in Sg Balang! Never heard from it since..........


  1. you must format your layout to fix the size. there is a edit option on "design".

    All very good shots!

  2. Thank you Pedro! I don't really know how to do it right, this is actually my first post with X-Large thumbnails, just to see how it turns out! :)

    Will give it a try later and thanks for the headup!

  3. Great series and shot as usual Paul! :) Really hyping me up to head there sooner than later. :P

  4. Interesting story line and beautiful action shots.

  5. Hi Paul,
    That's a stunning set mate! Wow, love them all, I'd love to get them on my HD!

  6. Another gem in the making. Love all the shots.

  7. Thank you to all for your kind comments.

  8. very nice capture.
    Why did not post in PM?