Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Panti :: 23th Nov 2010

So despite still sneezing i still made a trip to Panti this morning to ease my itch on birding. Bad flu and cough have grounded for days! Somehow i feel that my sickness was worsen psychologically by the same old daily weather forecast in the last few weeks "Sunny with occasional rain and thunder in the morning, and likely rain and thunder in the afternoon and evening!"  Have they forgotten to change the tape! 

If they had added "dozen of Vultures are seen in Sg Balang early this morning".... :)

I was just shooting around the car park and Tower area and my Doc was right, I should rest for another week! Before noon i was already on my way back!

Blue-and-white Flycatcher (Cyanoptila cyanomela) female???

Not sure what the species is for pic above!  Anyone? Unfortunately i only had a burst of 9fps at this angle, by the time i got out from my car it was gone.

Not much luck on Dark-sided Flycatchers! This Asian Brown Flycatcher probably has just arrived last night! Looked nervous and it seems eagerly wanting to venture into the 8km trail for his short term stay in Panti. It was 'hopping' from tree to tree inching towards the bunker trail, just a few shots i lost tracing her. 

According to the figure collected from friends, so far 3 DSFCs and 2 ABFCs have been spotted along the Bunker Trail and Temple Trail at various spots. 

Asian Brown Flycatcher (Muscicapa dauurica)
Sambar Asia * 北灰鹟コサメビタキĐớp ruồi nâu

The Red-crowned Barbets are the most common and friendly among all the barbets species in Panti. Their calls generally can be heard everywhere, but funny that at times when you really want to look for them, you can't even see one at all. RCBs are often ignored by seasoned photographers for being easy targets! But i love to photograph them! Take a closer look at its gorgeous colors!

Red-crowned Barbet (Megalaima rafflesii)
Takur Kepala Merah * 花彩拟 * ニシキゴシキドリ

Just as i pack my gear ready to go home, this lovely CB Flowerpecker flew towards me wanting a few shots.....

Crimson-breasted Flowerpecker (Prionochilus percussus)
Sepah Puteri Pelangi * 红胸锯齿啄花鸟ムネアカハナドリモドキ

Kenko Teleplus Pro DG TC2X

Naaaah, pic below is not a bird and hope it did not scare you if you have the habit if scrolling down before you read the page.

This was shot with Kenko TC2  on  500mm VR and just sharing with friends on image quality with the Kenko 2X tele-convertor.!

Looks pretty good to me ! Maybe a tad over sharpened?

Pic is not cropped, but usm and pp'ed.


  1. Beautiful Red-crowned Barbet, Paul, I am trying to get a good shot of this species.

  2. Excellent post once again Paul. you got so many magnificent birds around you. Thanks for sharing!

  3. when I get a camera as prepared as your I hope can take so nice photos like that!

  4. Hi Paul

    Great shots as usual. That 'brown flycatcher' is actually a Dark-sided (M. sibirica). Check out the dark upperparts, heavy breast-streaking, small bill and darker centred vent feathers.