Monday, November 22, 2010

Direction to Sg Balang!

Over the last two weeks i have received many mails and calls regarding the way to Sg Balang. So i made the note in the pics to make life easy for everyone, just download my pics onto your iPad (if you have one!) and follow pic B1 to B7 and you should reach Sg Balang in 1 hour 30mins. Here we go.....

From South to Sg Balang........

If you plan your trip to Sg Balang on weekday, make sure you reach the Town of Batu Pahat before 6:45am, to avoid the massive traffic of factory and school busses starting from around 7am. 

I prefer to go on weekdays because farmers are working, so tractors are ploughing the soil for replantation (~Nov to Jan), i.e. field mice, worms and frogs are screaming to be eaten by the raptors! 

New signboard @ entrance, pic added on 7th Jan 2011

Alternately, you can use the B) entrance which give you quicker access to the infield dirt roads. 


  1. Thanks Paul for the excellent directions and pointers! Hoping to hit Balang 2nd weekend of Dec. Hope to see you there or at Panti soon.

  2. hi...thanks for putting this up. Are the crosses on the bund on the map mean "not passable to non-4WD"?

  3. Paul you are a gem of a guy, going through all this to help out.. On behalf of everyone a big Thank You.