Thursday, January 27, 2011

Black Magpie, finally!

26th Jan 20100`

I am still excited over the capture of Black Magpie yesterday because I have been waiting two years for this opportunity. They are not rare but they love to hang around tree tops, the Black Magpies never perch low, at least not in Panti. The only regret was it only stayed for less than 10ses and I only managed to capture two shots!

Black Magpie (Platysmurus leucopterus)
Burung Kambing * 白翅鹊クロカケス
Geai à ailes blanchesstrakana cepcováนกกาน้อยแถบปีกขาว

Weather was terrible in the morning and in fact, after taking pics of the Leafbird I spent more than 3 hours (napping, literally) in the car due to the heavy rain.

Blue-winged Leafbird (Chloropsis cochinchinensis)
Burung Daun Sayap Putih * 蓝翅叶鹎Chim xanh Nam bộ
Verdin à tête jaune * zelenácik modrokrídly * นกเขียวก้านตองปีกสีฟ้า

But despite the occasional drizzles in the afternoon, many species of birds were still very active but I spent much time watching them in the car.

The Tiger Shrike was sighted when I actually stopped for a breather when the rain had stopped momentarily.

Many of them have moved deeper into the forest as their calls can be heard regularly, as compared to two months ago they were frequently seen along the main bunker trail.

Tiger Shrike (Lanius tigrinus)
Tirjup Harimau * 虎纹伯劳 * チゴモズ Bách thanh vằn
 Pie-grièche tigrine * strakoš velkozobýนกอีเสือลายเสือ

@1st Stream.
The Duskys must be familiar (and mad) with my car by now as they were making loud frantic calls on my arrival. And within mins, the Black Magpie made a brief appearance (pic on top) and a bird wave soon followed, both the Chestnut and White morph Asian Paradize Flycathers (Long-tailed) were spotted in a mixed flock of White-eyes and Minivets but a sudden heavy downpour kept me in the car drooling,....  

When the rain stopped 30mins later I took a walk between the 1st Stream and  3oom after the 2nd Yellow Sign Board, I found these.

Banded Woodpecker Picus miniaceus
Pelatuk Merah * 镶红绿啄木鸟シマベニアオゲラ
 Pic minium * žlna pásikaváนกหัวขวานแดงลาย

 Chestnut-breasted Malkoha

Drongo Cuckoo (Sumiculus lugubris)
Burung Hamba Kera * 乌鹃 * オウチュウカッコウCu cu đen
Coucou surnicou * kukucka drongovitáนกคัคคูแซงแซว

Red-naped Trogon (Harpactes kasumba)
Kesumba Tengkuk Merah * 红枕咬鹃 *アカエリキヌバネドリ
 Trogon à nuque rougedravcík kasumbaนกขุนแผนท้ายทอยแดง