Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Panti :: 9th Jan 2011

Weather was extremely gloomy last weekend, so before i set out my journey to Panti i hesitated for a while if i should make the trip at all.

But i wanted the Rhinoceros Hornbill, at least for some improvement shots....

By 8:30am, 8 of them came to the same tree as sighted previously, but i had just walked almost 200m away a few mins ago! By the time i rushed back, they were starting to leave one by one! :(

5 Chestnut-bellied Malkohas came to entertain me just as i was pondering if the hornbills would change their mind and fly right back to the same tree again. Interestingly the Malkohas were busy mating and hopping around non-stop, and i was only allowed two shots, without the mating scene of course!

Chestnut-bellied Malkoha (Phaenicophaeus sumatranus)
Cenuk Kecil * 棕腹地鹃オニグロバンケンモドキPhướn
Malcoha à ventre rouxmalkoha hnedobrucháนกบั้งรอกเล็กท้องแดง

Two Asian Brown flycatchers were near the scene as well, but they were extremely skittish.....

@ the first stream....

The Dusky Broadbills, Chequer-throated Woodpeckers and Racket-tailed Drongos were already waiting by the side by the time i reached the first stream, which is ~5km into the main bunker trail. 

Dusky Broadbill (Corydon sumatranus)
Takau Besar *  暗阔嘴鸟 * ガマヒロハシ * Mỏ rộng đen
Eurylaime corydon * loboš tmavý * Суматранский ширококлюв * นกพญาปากกว้างสีดำ

Chequer-throated Woodpecker (Picus mentalis)
Belatuk Ranting *  斑喉绿啄木鸟 チャバネアオゲラ
Pic gorgeret žlna ozdobnáนกหัวขวานคอลาย

@100m after the first stream.......

The calls of white-rumped Shama is probably the most frequently heard in Panti forest, but they are not always seen though. 

White-rumped Shama (Copsychus malabaricus)
Murai Rimba白腰鹊鸲 * アカハラシキチョウ Chích chòe lửa
 Shama à croupion blancšáma trojfarebná นกกางเขนดง

So when a WR Shama was seen singing in the open, I setup my gear quickly, took some shots, then walk a round leisurely to enjoy some fresh air leaving the Shama singling on its own, and I suddenly saw this Red-naped Trogon just 10' in front of me.

Unfortunately just one quick shot it flew into the forest....guess it must be mad at me for not taking its picture earlier!

i made several attempts later to lure the RNT out again, but instead I got a flock of Tailorbirds and Pin-striped Tit-babblers came begging for some portraits...these are small and active birds and getting them in frame alone is a real challenge.

Striped Tit Babbler (Macronous gularis)
Rimba Berjalur * 纹胸鹛ムナフムシクイチメドリChích chạch má vàng
Timalie à gorge striée timália žltobrucháนกกินแมลงอกเหลือง

 Dark-necked Tailorbird (Orthotomus atrogularis)
Perenjak Leher Hitam *  黑喉缝叶莺ノドグロサイホウチョウChích bông cánh vàng
 Couturière à col noirkrajcírik ciernohrdlý  นกกระจิบคอดำ

And on my way out the trail, i was hoping to catch a glimpse of the hornbills again but i got these instead,  around 100m after the Elephant Trail.

 Yellow-bellied bulbul

 Chequer-throated woodpecker

Greater Racquet-tailed Drongo


  1. Wow Paul, these are all just amazing birds, but I have to say I've fell in loce with that nice green woodpecker... he is so cute! Gosh you got so many nice pictures there! A wonderful day I guess.

  2. Wow great shots especially the broadbill.Extremely diificult to catch them on a open perch.

  3. Great!! GREAT!!!!
    I liked each of these shots...
    thanks for sharing :)