Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Panti :: 23rd Jan 2011

Another Diard's Trogon was sighted last Sunday! I have no clue why it seems so often to see them this year compared to last two years! I was hoping that the female was around but unfortunately it wasn't.

A huge bird wave of of Cream-vented Bulbuls caught my attention and this time I was lucky to spot  a male Grey-and-buff Woodpecker, a species rarely seen along the main bunker trail compared to other woodpecker species.

Grey-and-buff Woodpecker (Hemicircus concretus)
Belatok Kecil Berjambul * 灰黄啄木鸟カンムリコゲラ
Pic trapudatlík krátkochvostýนกหัวขวานแคระอกเทา

Cream-vented Bulbul (Pycnonotus simplex)
Merbah Mata Puti * 白眼褐鹎メジロチャイロヒヨドリ
Bulbul aux yeux blancs bylbyl okán นกปรอดสีน้ำตาลตาขาว

Blyth's Hawk Eagle 

I spent most of the time walking along the trail (after the first stream) in the afternoon with my gear and interestingly I sighted more species than the usual habit of driving along. Perhaps walking makes one more alert looking for birds, or perhaps the birds are less concern with human on foot!


Banded Broadbill (Eurylaimus javanicus)
Takau Rimba * 斑阔嘴鸟 * アズキヒロハシ * Mỏ rộng hồng
Eurylaime de Horsfield  loboš pestrý  * กพญาปากกว้างลายเหลือง

Lesser Green Leafbird (Chloropsis cyanopogon)
Burung Daun Kecil * 小绿叶鹎コノハドリ
Verdin barbe-bleue zelenácik modrofúzyนกเขียวก้านตองเล็ก

 This cute little dinosaur was just right above my head when I was 
shooting the Leafbird! Glad it did not land on my back!

Lifer, Orange-backed woodpecker.

Orange-backed Woodpecker (Reinwardtipicus validus); female
Belatok Dada Merah * 橙背啄木鸟アカハラコガネゲラ
Pic vigoureuxzlatoš tmavokrídlyนกหัวขวานหลังสีส้ม

And I hope I have not bored you with too many pics of the Duskys in my blog! :)

As I was packing up ready to go home near the carpark exit, three Red-crowned Barbets with 6-8 Black-winged Flycatcher-shrike came to the tree just across the road..... 

Black-winged Flycatcher-Shrike (Hempius hirundinaceus)
Rembah Sayap Hitam * 暗灰鹃䴗 アサクラサンショウクイ
 Échenilleur vélocestrakárik ciernochrbtý Чернокрылый личинкоедนกเขนน้อยปีกดำ

Red-crowned Barbet.


  1. Hi Paul,
    Great series of photos as always. The shot of the Trogon is just superb.
    The Broadbill looks like she's a juvenile.

  2. Thanks MB! Yeap, a juvenile i think!